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And we still don’t have compelling evidence that Hillary Clinton ever threatened any women who claimed to have been sexually assaulted by Bill. What, exactly did she “threaten” Juanita Broaddrick with? What did she say? What consequences would there have been if Juanita had done anything? What would Hillary have allegedly done to her? The thing is that taking a person by the hand and thanking that person for what they’ve done is not a threat. No matter how it’s interpreted by the recipient. Now, if Hillary had whispered to Juanita something about “if you report this, I will do this or this to you” — that would have been a threat. But all you have is Juanita reading an awful lot into a handhold, a thank you, and a facial expression.

We have Donald Trump on tape claiming that he kisses women without waiting for consent. That’s sexual assault.

So we have evidence that Donald Trump is a horrible person. We don’t have evidence showing that Hillary Clinton is a horrible person. Refusing to divorce her husband doesn’t make her a horrible person. Furthermore, Bill has never been found guilty of rape or sexual assault, and he has denied all accusations of such. And remember that Bill Clinton is not running for President.

You, of course, are free to believe whatever you choose. But what you believe is opinion. Not fact.

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