Ned Resnikoff at ThinkAdvisor won’t deny report that he still hasn’t stopped molesting his children…
Craig Andes

And when was Ned Resnikoff asked this question? Do you have a YouTube of the exchange? Do you have any evidence that Resnikoff ever molested his children at all? Do you have any evidence that he even has children?

Vitézi Rend claims that Gorka is one of their members. And the U.S. State Department’s list of “organizations under the direction of the Nazi Government of Germany” includes Vitézi Rend. I would say this is strong enough evidence to warrant asking Gorka directly about his alleged membership in the group.

Trying to compare the situation to asking the author about child molestation is no comparison at all. But I realize that your only way to defend your guy is to throw feces at the messenger, because that’s all you have. But why are you defending a probable Nazi?

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