This is really dissappointing.
Jerry Beauchesne

Are you classifying healthcare as a “social program”? Taxpayers are already funding this, and will continue to do so, as long as there are people who cannot afford healthcare on their own.

We do have a choice. We can either pay in a cost-efficient manner to keep people healthy, or we can pay for very expensive ER care when these people’s manageable conditions go neglected for lack of affordability and become unmanageable. Personally, I’d rather pay to keep people healthy. It’s cheaper. Not just for a person’s overall healthcare, but having fewer people die at a young age means fewer children becoming orphaned and wards of the state (which taxpayers also pay for).

Of course, Congress will still allocate funds to pay for the ramping up of our military Trump wants, and they will allocate funds to pay for the wall on the Mexican border Trump wants, and they will allocate more funds than they already do for ICE to round up and deport people, like Trump wants.

All this will be expensive, of course. And because Trump also wants to cut taxes (mostly on the the rich), our revenue will be less — resulting in unprecedented debt levels.

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