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As a North Carolinian, I can say I’m disappointed, but not surprised.

First came the Citizens United decision in January 2010. Then came the Koch brothers and Art Pope, who poured an unprecedented and ginormous amount of money into select state legislative races for 2010 — enough to turn the NC legislature from Democratic to Republican-controlled.

Then these Republicans redrew district maps for both US Congressional and state legislative districts to favor them and solidify their hold on their power. This is when everyone not likely to vote for a Republican (non-white, non-Christian, students, etc.) were packed into as few districts as possible, just to maintain a GOP advantage everywhere else. This gerrymandering was so blatant that the Republicans didn’t even try to hide what they were doing.

As a result, Democrats hold 3 out of the 13 Congressional districts in this state. Republicans hold the other 10. Despite the electorate being divided about 50–50 between the parties.

The districts were drawn in 2011. The matter has been in court since then. Now they have to redraw new districts. It’s going to be the same song and dance. The Republicans will draw the districts in a gerrymandered fashion, as they always do. And they will do it flagrantly. And the matter will end up in court again. They will continue to do this for years, even though all these court battles cost a lot of our tax dollars.

Yes, we’re fighting this. We’re trying to get the supermajority of blue voters that’s going to be required to take the state legislature back.