I’m wondering as to how the Trump supporters who regularly visit this site, and frequently comment…
David Montgomery

As someone who frequently engages the Trump supporters who post here, I can tell you some of their favorite song-and-dance routines…

  1. “but…but…but…OBAMA!” is a common favorite. They like to claim that Obama also played golf, Obama also traveled, Obama also signed Executive Orders, etc. It’s completely lost on them that A) Obama never criticized any of his predecessors for these things before going on to do them himself, and B) Trump has exceeded him on these scales bigly.
  2. “but…but…but…CLINTON!” is another one. Bill Clinton also engaged in inappropriate sexual activity. Only he never bragged about how he could commit sexual assault with no problem. And the other Clinton? The Trumpbots are still pointing to her emails and “BENGHAZI!” as shiny objects whenever they can’t defend their god Trump. Never mind that the Trump staff are using plenty of unsecured communication devices and that Trump himself owns an ill-advised strike in Yemen that killed more people than were killed at Benghazi.
  3. “He’s making America great again!” This is often used as if it’s supposed to end all debate, as this is accepted fact. It isn’t. And it’s never accompanied by any examples of how America is becoming greater.
  4. “The press has it in for him, and they’ve attacked him relentlessly!” The press has been critical of every President we’ve ever had. Furthermore, the press were the ones who gave Trump a great deal of free press that contributed to his getting the nomination. Using “the press is picking on him” defense just makes Trump look like a whiny weakling.
  5. “Get over it — Trump won!” Yeah, that’s a real debate-ender, isn’t it? Trump won by virtue of a flawed system we have in this country, and therefore we must never, ever, ever criticize the guy.

Generally, their arguments consist of shiny object pointing, or some variation of “Go Trump! Go Trump! Go Trump!” with no specific defense.

And then there are the trolls who defend Trump and attack anyone who dares point out any flaw or misstep of his, but insist that Trump isn’t “their guy” when they are called out on that.

What’s glaringly missing from most of the pro-Trump posts are thoughtful and specific defenses of Trump’s actions.

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