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“Back when Bill Clinton was accused of widespread sexual misconduct we were told by liberals that it didn’t matter because he was a good President and we should mind our own business.”

When Bill Clinton was accused of widespread sexual misconduct, that misconduct was consensual but adulterous sex. There’s a big difference between that and sexual assault. Most of us find adultery distasteful, but we recognize that there’s no law against it in most places, and that it’s basically a matter between the parties involved. None of our business. Sexual assault, on the other hand, is a crime. So is sex with minors, which Trump has been accused of, and Bill Clinton hasn’t been.

“We were also told that the Clinton’s were a team and that “you get two for the price of one”. That’s why Hillary was put in charge of healthcare even though no one actually voted for her.”

I suppose you believe that all Presidents write all their own proposals? That they never employ experts? Hillary Clinton was asked by the President to come up with a comprehensive healthcare proposal that would solve a number of problems our country was experiencing with the broken system we had at the time. And Hillary did so. However, this was never going to be implemented without Congress.

“Well, if it doesn’t matter then who cares what Trump said? If it does matter then Hillary is equally liable for enabling Bill’s behavior all those many years.”

Oh, but it does matter. Trump was bragging about committing sexual assault. And yes, we DO care about that. And I don’t see any evidence of Hillary “enabling” sexual assault on the part of her husband.