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Balance? Yes, I suppose we do need some comic relief around here. And you do serve that purpose.

Hillary Clinton is probably the most probed, investigated, and vetted person in the country. She’s been the target of witch hunts for at least the last quarter century. And what has she been found guilty of? What has she been convicted of? What has she even been formally charged with? That’s right — nothing.

Of course, people like you want to believe this is because “nobody wants to report the shenanigans”. You must think Hillary Clinton has more power than anyone on the face of the planet, if you believe that virtually everyone in the world is this afraid of her.

As far as a list of accomplishments — are you really such a baby that you need me to Google for you? Well, since you are, here are but a few links (there are many more):

Oh yeah — she also lays wreaths.

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