Come on, if it’s really that big a “bombshell”, then what the heck are we waiting for, only 10 days…
Mateo D

Because we have a process. Several, in fact.

Damning information about the President-Elect? Depends on what it is.

If it’s information that’s merely embarrassing — such as pictures of Trump rolling around naked on a Hefner-sized bed with a bunch of equally naked beauty contestants — that would make Trump uncomfortable if it got out, but it’s not illegal.

If it’s information pointing to an illegal activity, such as under the table business deals that violate commerce and trade laws, Trump would be entitled to due process under the law. However, the wheels of justice tend to grind slowly, and his “coronation” wouldn’t be averted. He might wind up like Agnew a bit down the road, though.

If it’s information showing that Trump is beholden to Russia in a way that would compromise his decisions as President (such as if Russia made him a large loan to bail him out of some kind of business black hole), that could be impeachable once Trump makes a Presidential decision that could be influenced by that, or if such a loan violated any American laws and he had not paid it back before he was inaugurated. However, impeachment would only come from the House of Representatives, and that takes time — IF they do it at all.

If it’s information pointing to treasonous activities that directly put the United States in imminent danger, our current Justice Department would involve itself quickly and decisively. Only in a scenario of that magnitude would things happen thick and fast enough that the Inauguration might not happen.

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