The intelligence report you refer to came from 3 hand-picked individuals, on the orders of…
Karl Rowley

Believe it or not, nobody of any consequence is arguing that the Russians had nothing to do with our elections. We know that the Russians were behind the hacking. We know that the Russians were behind the leaking to WikiLeaks. And now we know that the Russians reeled Trump Junior in with promises of dirt on Hillary.

Yeah, there are still some on the right who are denying that Russia had anything to do with the election at all, and there are even some who claim that Russia was helping Hillary to get elected. But nobody is taking them seriously — except maybe you, because they’re singing the song you want to hear.

However, we can’t impeach the President solely on the basis of Russia helping him win. Not if he was truly unaware of that. Only if there’s evidence that he colluded with them on the matter. Or even if he was merely aware of their activities and kept quiet. And the investigations will get to the bottom of that.