Victoria, If you don’t see the parallels between the terrorists and the teaching of the Quran then…
Joseph Licht

Considering how much I have done with our local mosque, the number of Muslims I actually know and consider friends, and the amount of studying I have done on Islam and the Quran — and considering that it’s obvious that all your “knowledge” of Islam comes from hate sites — I’d stack my knowledge of Islam against yours any day.

It would benefit you greatly to get out and actually meet some Muslims and talk to them. Most mosques have periodic open house events where they welcome their non-Muslim neighbors and try to show them a little about who they are and what they believe. I dare you to attend one in your town — even though I know you won’t, because you can’t allow anything to damage your carefully crafted paradigm of hate, can you?

By the way, Stefan Molyneux isn’t worth my time. Certainly not 32 minutes of it. Neither is any crackpot from the extreme right.

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