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Conway is being just as destructive to the Trump campaign as Trump himself.

A “five point plan to defeat Islam”? Seriously? Does Trump truly believe that a serious effort to wipe out the world’s second largest religion with about 1.6 billion followers is a smart idea?

I would hope that this is a slip on Conway’s part, and she meant to say something along the lines of “jihadist extremism” or something referring only to that fraction of a fraction of a percent of Muslims who have perverted Islamic doctrine to fit a violent political agenda (and even the things Trump has proposed in that area will only fan the flames, not extinguish the fire).

And that may even have been deliberate on Conway’s part. After all, one of the pillars of Trump’s campaign has been the demonization of all Muslims. This would be a dog whistle, if it wasn’t so audible to the rest of us.

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