Do non trolls simply hear what they want to hear even when faced with direct evidence of the proper…
TX Kevin

“Trump talking to his employee and telling them a desire, as opposed to an order or directive, is not against the law.”

So when your boss tells you, “I hope you’ll get this done before you leave today”, he’s merely telling you a desire, and you certainly shouldn’t infer that he’s asking you to get something done. Right?

Only a desperately wishful thinker would parse this into something that says that Trump was merely expressing a wish, and never intended Comey to take this as an order (or even a request) to drop the investigation.

Let me ask you something. If Hillary Clinton was President, and if the FBI opened up a new investigation into her email server, or Benghazi, or whatever, and she “cleared the room” so she could talk to the head of the FBI alone, and said to him, “I hope you can see your way clear to letting this investigation go,” would you declare that Clinton was merely “telling him a desire”, or would you interpret that as her expecting him to drop the investigation?

Yeah. Thought so.

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