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Duterte’s method of dealing with the drug problem is to encourage vigilantism. All you need to do is “suspect” someone of being involved in the drug trade in any capacity, and you can kill that person. And collect a bounty from the government. No, you don’t have to prove your suspicions.

The deal is so sweet that even members of the police disguise themselves as citizen vigilantes for the bounty collection.

Now, let’s look at this from another perspective. We have an illegal drug trade in this country, too. Complete with rampant crime in a number of places. Would you be OK with it suddenly being acceptable for any citizen to kill anyone they “suspected” of being involved in the drug trade? If your neighbor had some gripe against you (let’s say he didn’t like the way you kept your lawn, or he didn’t like the way you parked your car, or he thought you played your music too loud — or maybe he just objected to the Trump sign in your yard), he could kill you and collect a bounty for the kill, merely by claiming that he “suspected” you were selling drugs or aiding and abetting someone who was.

Would you really be OK with that? Because that’s what’s going on in the Philippines.

Oh, and if you think Trump’s planned Manila hotel has absolutely nothing to do with this, you’re really a special kind of naive, aren’t you?

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