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Except Barack Obama isn’t whining about how the 2008 election is rigged against him, is he? Pretty much the opposite — he’s explaining the various safeguards in place to keep the election from being rigged. And, of course, he’s not doing anything resembling a suggestion that his audience commit voter fraud.

And by “you folks” — I’m talking about those of you who champion photo ID laws and offer the flimsiest excuses to justify them. When it’s obvious that the whole reason for these laws is to keep certain people (the poor, the elderly, etc.) from voting. If you were really serious about preventing the huge imaginary problem of voter fraud by impersonation, all that would need to be done is to ask to see voter registration cards. Every voter has one (except in a couple of states that don’t issue them), they are mailed to the voter’s home so there’s no inconvenience to the voter, and the information on them matches the information on the voter rolls exactly. So why isn’t this offered as a way to prevent impersonation? Because it doesn’t disenfranchise anyone or discourage anyone from voting.

You have nothing.

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