“Foundation records confirm…”?

Except that the FBI has investigated the Clinton Foundation and hasn’t found anything. And considering Comey’s last-minute attempt to torpedo Clinton before the election, I wouldn’t consider the FBI an organization that would gloss over anything they found suspect.

When I said it was “theoretically possible” to do some dirty underhanded dealings, I meant “as possible as anyone could do in any organization”. I didn’t say it was plausible. And without any evidence to even suggest that, there’s no reason to suspect Clinton of doing anything wrong with the foundation.

Now, about Trump — will he lead us into WW3? I certainly hope not. However, his comments about nukes and his complete naivete concerning foreign policy is a bit alarming.

Will he stop the sun from shining? Nobody has accused him of that, and he doesn’t have the capability. Try not to be ridiculous.

Will he swap bedtime stories with best bud Vlad? Don’t know about that, but his relationship with Russia is troubling, to say the least. And it seems that more revelations about that pour in every day.

Will he hurl illegals off his really high wall? Probably not, because for all his bluster before the election, he’s been backpedaling on both the scope of this “wall” as well as his total deportation threat.

The left has only made accusations and stated concerns based on his tweets, his comments, his actions, and stuff we can actually go on. We’re not making stuff up. Not like you are when you claim that Hillary Clinton is profiting off her foundation with absolutely nothing to back that up.