You call me out when ever you feel I’ve made claims without hard evidence to back it up, so I’m…
Reginald Erikson

Fair enough. Here are a few sources on Trump’s negotiation and deal making technique:

One situation that comes up over and over again that involves bullying, lawyers, and screwing people over is that Trump tends to stiff vendors and contractors. So let’s use that as an example. Typical scenario — Trump hires somebody to do something for him (such as electrical work in a new hotel) or provide goods for him (such as pianos for an Atlantic City casino hotel). And then when it comes time to pay up, Trump will often refuse to pay, or will offer to pay something far less than what was agreed upon. And because he’s already gotten what he wants, his stance becomes a challenge of “make me” (pay you), often accompanied with threats to harm that person’s business. This is the bullying part — intimidation of the powerless by the powerful. And when a vendor does sue Trump, Trump just out-lawyers them. Screwing people over to get what he wants — that pretty much speaks for itself.

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