Why is this website known as “ThinkProgress” when its reporting is about the equivalent of a…
Joel Bauer

Generally, whenever the President and/or his family travel on vacation, they pay their own personal expenses, such as accommodations and food. They don’t pay for their own Secret Service protection, any other forms of security (some of it local to where they are), the transportation of presidential vehicles, or accommodations for staff and security that must accompany the President at all times. And the President doesn’t pay for things like Coast Guard protection off the coast of Mar-a-Lago.

So what, exactly does the President pay for when he goes to Mar-a-Lago? He probably doesn’t pay for his accommodations, because he owns the place. The government pays for accommodations for his entourage, and since they must stay at Mar-a-Lago because they must be near the POTUS at all times, Trump actually makes a profit off that. Because he owns the place. He doesn’t pay for his own golf fees, as any other President would if he were to play a round of golf somewhere, because — guess what? He owns the golf course.

So I’m rather mystified as to what “expenses” Trump pays for out of his own pocket when he travels to Mar-a-Lago. If anything, he comes out financially ahead. Especially when pocketing the membership fees (which he doubled) paid by rich people who are paying for access to the President.

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