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He’s apologized for it. It seems to me we should move on,” the former mayor said.

No, that wasn’t an apology. That was a statement prepared by his staff that he read at their command, and probably only on the condition that some Hillary-bashing was added to it.

A real apology is done with the apologist’s own words. From the heart, and delivered with sincerity.

A real apology isn’t read from a teleprompter.

A real apology is delivered while making eye contact with the person or audience being apologized to.

A real apology acknowledges the wrongdoing in a way that convinces the audience that the apologist understands why what he did was hurtful.

A real apology shows humility and contrition.

A real apology doesn’t blame others or declare “She did it, too!”’

So no, Rudy, we don’t “move on” just because your candidate did something really damaging. When he makes things right, and demonstrates that he’s truly changed, maybe. But as Trump hasn’t changed his general attitude toward women, it’s difficult to believe that he’s not the same man that talked with Billy Bush in that video.

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