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“His campaign website promises to triple the number of ICE officers, end birthright citizenship, and enhance penalties for overstaying visas.”

He’s going to have a problem with tripling the number of ICE officers without the cooperation of Congress, because that’s going to cost money. Congress has been gradually increasing funding for border and illegal immigration control over the years, but without gigantic leaps. The only way to effect a ginormous spending increase is to A) make giant spending cuts elsewhere, B) raise taxes, or C) increase the budget deficit. Congress is reluctant to do any of these.

As far as birthright citizenship goes, a constitutional amendment will be required. Either that, or a very xenophobic SCOTUS applying creative pretzel-like interpretations of the 14th Amendment.

He might be able to “enhance penalties” for overstaying visas. But, of course, the logical penalty for that now is deportation (for anyone caught). How would you “enhance” that?

Trump realizes that he’s not going to be President, and so won’t need to deliver on anything he promises. This has given him the freedom to tell any audience what they want to hear, regardless of how much sense it makes.

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