“ Any thinking person can see this for the crap that it is.”
TX Kevin

Hmmm…I was wondering where all the Trump worshipers were today. Your god is now circling the drain, and with the absence of all of you, I assumed you were all off crying somewhere.

But you showed up. Maybe others will follow.

Let’s take your list one at a time.

Benghazi — Eight investigations. All concluding Hillary Clinton not guilty of any wrongdoing.

IRS targeting — An IRS audit of a particular type of tax-exempt status. Keywords used in the audit did indeed include “tea party” and “patriot”. It also included “occupy” and “progressive”. The audit wasn’t limited to conservative groups, no matter how much you want it to have been.

Late night airplane meetings with the AG — Bill Clinton met AG Lynch on the tarmac in front of a whole gaggle of reporters. If this was to have been a clandestine meeting, you’d think he would have been more discreet.

Late night money to Iran — The Iran deal included giving money back to them that was theirs.

Fast and Furious — A project that started out as Project Gunrunner under the Bush43 administration with good intentions, but didn’t work out as well as hoped. Hardly a scandal.

Private server — Thoroughly investigated by the FBI and Hillary Clinton not found guilty of any wrongdoing. AG Lynch recused herself from the case and agreed to go along with whatever Comey presented as the FBI’s findings to avoid any appearance of impropriety as a result of her meeting with Bill Clinton (see above).

Deleted emails — Emails deleted that were personal and not work-related.

In other words, what you have is a “whole lot of nothing”. And mighty stale nothing at that.

Meanwhile, the investigations are just getting started on possible collusion between the Russians and the Trump team, whether or not Trump obstructed justice, and other matters. I imagine that as things get darker and darker and darker for Trump, you will still be there with your “but..but…but…CLINTON!” rants. Only they no longer work.

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