It seems that the plan is to throw up allegation after allegation with no proof or based on “secret…
TX Kevin

I agree that the Republicans in power have not shown any real interest in investigating any of the allegations against Trump — not even the ones he’s admitted to. I think they wish to put on a show like they’re doing some investigating, but so far all they’re doing is dancing around. For example, Chaffetz says he “has his subpoena pen ready” to subpoena the Comey memo, but he hasn’t done it yet. What’s he waiting for? Comey says he’ll testify under oath, as long as the testimony is public. That shouldn’t be a problem. What’s Congress waiting for?

This is why we need an independent investigation that will actually consist of investigating, which the Republicans are reluctant to allow.

So be it. As the allegations pile up, along with Trump admitting that he’s committing offenses with possible legal ramifications (obstruction of justice), and the Republicans continue to do nothing, they will be replaced by Democrats because America wants to get to the bottom of all of this. And the Democrats will certainly do something.

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