As much as I hate to say it, Grassley is right.
Adam Bantell

I agree that Trump deserves a chance. Which is more than President Obama’s detractors gave him.

Granted, Trump isn’t the President we wanted. And granted, more American voters wanted Hillary Clinton than wanted Donald Trump. But Trump is the President we got with the system that we have for making that choice.

Should we want our President to succeed in leading our country to be the best it can be, no matter who that President is? Of course. Just as we want the pilot of a plane carrying us to successfully fly and land it, no matter who that pilot is.

However, Trump hasn’t given us a lot of signals that make us comfortable. His cabinet choices are cause for a fair amount of alarm. His refusal to separate himself from his global business interests doesn’t give us a lot of confidence that he will put America ahead of those interests in the decisions he makes as President. And the revelations that are occurring almost daily as to the depths of his ties to Russia should concern us all.

So yes, let’s give the new President a chance. Let’s hope he surprises us all. But let’s also keep a close watch.

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