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I am usually among the first to defend the right to peaceably protest in this country, even when I consider the objective of the protest to be particularly odious, as I do in this case. However, I also have a First Amendment right to say what I wish about someone else’s protest, especially when I don’t agree with them.

This particular group wants to celebrate the concepts of both racism and treason (both of which the Civil War stood for), neither of which I can get behind. Even if they do have a Constitutional right to make their voices heard.

And that said, I’m wondering what they hoped to accomplish with their protest. Generally, in a group protest of this sort, the idea is to A) be heard, B) let elected officials and other decision makers know of one’s dissatisfaction, and C) sway public opinion.

This group is probably going to indeed sway public opinion, but against them. And this protest probably convinced lawmakers that they are doing the right thing by removing symbols of our racist and white supremacist past. The torches were a nice touch — leaving no doubt as to the image they wanted to portray. And it’s one that won’t sell — except perhaps to the minority of like-minded people.

I can thank them for one thing, though — and that is their making sure they associate Trump with white supremacism, as well as strengthening the perception of association between Trump and Russia. I wonder if they know that’s going to help us more than it helps them?