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I can see that Trump set the bar of expectations so low that he didn’t even need to break normal walking stride to jump over it. All he had to do was keep from completely melting down and stomping off the stage in a huff, which he managed to do.

His style performance was improved only in that he didn’t interrupt as frequently as he did in the first debate. I can see how his followers believe that alone made him a “winner”. However, he didn’t win any points for content.

He rarely answered any questions asked. He had a lot of stuff prepared to say, and he used his response time to pivot to it, regardless of the question asked (this is how he wound up talking about ISIS when the question was about his video, for example). And on those occasions where his response more or less had something to do with the question, he only had warmed over Republican ideas that have already been pointed out as unworkable or ineffective — such as lowering taxes mostly on the wealthy because trickle-down really works, or repealing the ACA because all that’s needed is to allow insurers to work across state lines.

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