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I don’t believe that anyone is criticizing Trump for tailoring his speech to various specific audiences. When one campaigns, one will always focus on talking points of most interest to a specific audience.

However, even when one talks only to white males, that speech still gets publicity that everyone can see, so one wouldn’t want to say one thing to one audience and then say something diametrically opposed to that to another audience.

What IS odd about Trump’s campaign style is that even when he pretends to speak to…say, African Americans…he’s still speaking to white males (and reinforcing their mental stereotypes of African Americans). He pretty much only speaks to white males. He even campaigns in solid red states where he already has the white male vote completely sewn up, and only speaks to white males. He has made no real effort to broaden his base at all — only token motions that makes it look like that’s what he’s doing.

Trump really loves his base. They’ve been very good with feeding his ego and his insatiable appetite for adulation. And this is pretty much the high point of the campaign for Trump. There’s no motivation for him to make any serious attempt to expand his appeal.

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