lol. kinda similar to Obama first time in Office.
Caleb Lytton-Jean

I don’t think it’s really all that similar to when Obama’s first term began. There’s a certain similarity that both Trump and Obama share with all Presidents, and that is that no matter how close you have been to the office, you can’t truly grasp what the job is like until you’re in it. Whether you’re Trump or Obama or Franklin Roosevelt. All new Presidents should get a little slack in this department.

But that’s where the similarity ends. When Obama campaigned, he didn’t make a lot of simplistic guarantees (such as claiming that the ACA would be replaced very quickly), nor did he brag about having “secret plans” to guarantee something (such as defeating ISIS). Obama focused a great deal on what needed to be done in this country, and he promised to work toward those goals. And he did, even though he was mostly obstructed at every turn. Completely different from the promises, guarantees, and claims we have received from Trump.

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