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I don’t think the total price tag for Trump’s recreational travel has reached $36 million yet (although it’s zooming up at a rather rapid rate). The Mar-a-Lago weekends are estimated to cost Uncle Sam about $3 million each, but trips to his National Golf Club probably don’t cost that much. For one thing, AF1 isn’t required to get there (it’s located about one hour’s drive time from the White House), and fewer of his staff and security would need accommodations in the area (and if the President isn’t staying overnight, none would). The Coast Guard wouldn’t be required to patrol the coastline (it’s the Potomac River, not the Atlantic Ocean), and while Presidential vehicles would be needed, they can be driven there, and wouldn’t need to be flown there in a cargo plane.

Does that mean that Trump’s trip to his National Golf Club is a freebie for US taxpayers? No. The entire venue still requires a lot of expensive security implemented before the President even arrives, as well as the vetting of other club members and their guests.

The price tag for a Trump local trip would likely be far less than the $3 million price tag of a Mar-a-Lago or NYC trip (or any other destination Trump would fly to), but Trump is still racking up the expenses at a rate never before reached by any other President.

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