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I have a feeling that all of this deflection and distraction by Trump and his team is hiding something big that will ultimately bring them all down. And undue influence by the Russians both in our election and the decisions of the President is a good possibility. Either the Russians have something on Trump that makes him their obedient puppet (such as a big loan he can’t pay back or blackmail material), or they have dangled some prize in front of him (like an arctic oil deal) that he has to dance for.

Whatever it is, it’s going to come out. And when it does, and after the smoke clears, look for Congress to come up with a fair amount of legislation that will discourage this atrocity of a presidency from occurring again. I expect bipartisan support for making it law that any presidential candidate must make public their tax returns, any president must truly divest himself/herself of any business interests (and it would be spelled out as to what this means, but handing it over to family members won’t count), and any slanderous accusation against another made by the President without any evidence would be grounds for impeachment.

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