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I have a feeling that Trump is going to continue giving America his middle finger and daring us to do something about it, for as long as we allow it. And his alleged offenses are going to get more and more egregious.

Eventually, he will be impeached and convicted — when even his own party refuses to defend him anymore — or he will resign under pressure.

And after he’s gone, I expect Congress (regardless of which party is in power) will pass a series of “Trump laws”. These will include a detailed clarification of the Emoluments Clause, greater clarity to conflict of interest laws, a requirement that any candidate for POTUS release their tax records, removing any exemption for the POTUS regarding the release of classified information, and many others.

After Nixon was gone, Congress moved quickly with laws concerning things like secretly taping conversations, the President’s ability to order wiretapping, and several others. But obviously more childproofing is needed.

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