Experts on authoritarianism say Trump’s presidency ‘has gotten scarier’
Justin Salhani

I have always been one of the first to take people to task for inaccurate comparisons of any situation to Hitler, Nazism, the Third Reich, the Holocaust, etc. Because we’ve never had anything going on in our country that came even close to those atrocities, and to compare things like — oh, say, Obamacare — to those things just trivialize the horrors of Nazi Germany.

Until now. I’m watching as Trump is employing classic 3-step dictator strategy (Step one — convince the people that their lives suck, Step two — convince the people that Trump is their only salvation and no one else can save them, and Step three — convince the people that only Trump will tell them the truth and everyone else lies). As part of Step three, Trump has tried to destroy America’s trust in a number of established institutions, including the press (everything he doesn’t like is “fake news”), the courts (every judge ruling against him is out to destroy America), and even our system of elections (which is odd, because it’s this system that allowed him to win).

Trump is going to continue his authoritarianism by keeping fear ramped up in his faithful base, shove false propaganda at them in huge heaping helpings, and continually talk about how he’s “making America great again”. All red flags indicating oncoming fascism.

And by the time even his faithful recognize him as Hitler incarnate, it will be too late.

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