I could not disagree more strongly.
Publius Americanus

I never claimed that “most Americans” are bigots (also worth noting — “most Americans” don’t support Trump, either). I’m saying that a significant portion of Trump’s supporters are.

For instance — that alleged 80% of people who “support religious people of all creeds”. Guess which candidate that other 20% — the ones who agree with Trump on his proposed Muslim ban — are voting for?

And while most Americans oppose illegal immigration, a smaller number of them support the racial profiling of Hispanics — which unfairly harasses Hispanic American citizens and legal residents. Guess which candidate these people support?

And while it’s true that Trump has supported LGBT people in the past, he’s changed his tune lately just because he finds it politically expedient to bring the homophobes on board the bigot-wagon.

You still haven’t convinced anyone that if it wasn’t for the support of a large number of deplorable bigots (who have apparently hijacked the GOP), Trump would never have been nominated.

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