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I see. So the fact that Melania Trump is standing by her husband, even though he is on tape advocating for sexual assault and bragging that he has committed sexual assault, and even though he is accused of raping minor children, Melania is saying that these things are OK? And she’s even endorsing and approving of these things? I seriously doubt that.

When I asked about Hillary “tarnishing” women, I was asking about the ones who had alleged Bill sexually assaulted them. I was not talking about the women who had engaged in consensual sex with Bill, knowing that he was married. I would probably have a few nasty things to say about any woman who moved in on my husband, too.

And we have already established that there’s nothing to Juanita Broaddrick’s claim that Hillary Clinton “threatened” her in any way.

Worth noting. Bill Clinton is not on tape anywhere bragging about his sexual assault activities and how he is able to get away with them. Also, Bill Clinton has never been accused of raping or assaulting underage girls, as Trump has.

You’re still clutching at straws by attempting to paint Hillary Clinton as dirty as Donald Trump. It’s not working. Republicans are abandoning Trump in droves, and Hillary will win next month in a landslide.