These kind of “tax breaks” have been going on for the past 50+ years and I never heard a peep out…
Jill Gilber

I suspect that’s because you never listen to Democrats. Don’t blame them for your selective listening habits.

There have been plenty of complaints from both parties about tax breaks, but it generally has to do with what the tax breaks are for. Tax breaks in order to pad the paycheck of fat cat executives? Probably not. Tax breaks in order to encourage research and development of alternative energy sources and technologies before fossil fuels run out? Yeah, probably. Tax breaks in order to keep jobs from moving out of the country? That depends on the conditions the corporation must meet to get the goodies, how much money is involved, how many jobs are saved, whether or not the whole deal is nothing more than a political stunt, and how likely the corporation is going to move the jobs out anyway later on.

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