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I think it’s fairly obvious that neither you nor Trump knows “basic media ethics”. Even if the news medium doesn’t disclose the identity of its sources, that doesn’t mean the sources are unknown. They are known to the journalists who cite them. We didn’t know who Deep Throat was for a few decades, but Woodward and Bernstein knew who he was, and knew that he was in a position where his information was most likely legit. And you can safely bet that the “anonymous sources” being cited today aren’t anonymous to the reporters. They know who they’re getting their information from, and it’s coming from people in positions close enough to the situation where they speak with some credibility.

The whole “fake news” scenario calls on us to believe that either A) reporters are completely making stuff up out of pure fantasy, or B) reporters are getting bogus information from sources that are unknown even to them. That might be a credible scenario if it was coming from a far-right or a far-left blog that exists for propaganda purposes, but far less so coming from media such as the NYTimes or Washington Post, as they have reputations they value. Reputations that would quickly erode if they engaged in completely made up stories, as they wouldn’t be able to keep up that charade for long.

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