Umm, he’s not in office yet.
Joe Ambrose

I will be giving Trump far more of a “chance” than you Republicans EVER gave Barack Obama.

Republicans held a secret meeting on January 20, 2009, specifically to discuss how to obstruct everything he planned to do, keep him from being a two-term president, and to do everything to destroy his legacy before it even started. I sincerely hope nobody does that to Trump.

Republicans did everything they could to obstruct everything Obama tried to do. Just so he couldn’t be credited with any successes. I don’t believe that should be done with Trump. If Trump has a proposal that will do harm to the country, obstruct it. But if he has a good idea that will help the country, let him have it — and work with him to make it happen.

Republicans showed complete and unprecedented disrespect for President Obama many times, whether it was Gov. Jan Brewer wagging her finger in his face in public, or Rep. Joe Wilson shouting “you lie!” at him during a SOTU address.

If you really want me to give Trump a “chance”, I look forward to your loud denunciation of all Republicans who refused to give Obama one.

Now even though I believe in giving Trump a fair chance, Trump is definitely laying the groundwork to use his presidency to his business advantage. This is wrong. And if he’s to have a successful presidency that truly serves the country, this needs to be stopped.

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