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If a person is rich, it’s generally for one of three reasons:

  1. They were born that way, and inherited their wealth. Trump himself falls in this group. This has no bearing on whether one is smart or stupid. However, what one does with their inherited wealth might be a factor regarding their intelligence. For example, Trump has made so many bad deals and horrible business ventures that it’s been said that if he took his inherited money and invested it at a fixed interest rate, he’d be richer now than he is. Kind of like the old joke — “I took my inheritance and turned it into a million dollars.” “Yeah, but your inheritance was ten million.”
  2. They made their money through illegal means. Think Bernie Madoff, or drug kingpins.
  3. They started with little or nothing, and made their fortune honestly.

As you can see, not every rich person described above is necessarily qualified to serve on a President’s cabinet in an economic capacity. And Trump is the only President I know of who has admitted that a person’s bank balance is a criterion for appointment. Most other Presidents consider a person’s actual qualifications for the job, regardless of how much personal wealth they have.

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