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I’m assuming that Sarah Sanders managed to say this with a straight face.

OK, let’s consider the profile of a typical middle class Trump voter. Say, a guy in West Virginia or western Pennsylvania. A coal miner. Who lost his job because his employer shut the mine down due to shrinking markets for coal in this world. Trump tells him that he’s bringing coal back, and there will be lots of coal mining jobs available. So our miner votes for Trump, convinced that Trump has his best interests in mind.

Is this miner down at Mar-a-Lago getting served a wedge salad while watching the President eating dinner with the President of Japan? No? Didn’t think so. The miner provided Trump with his vote. It will be amazing if Trump does anything to help him at all.

Personally, I believe this miner is more of a “regular American” than the very wealthy Americans who are creaming themselves over getting to take selfies with the guy who carries the nuclear football.

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