From the later months of the interminable campaign ‘season’ up to the election, I was keeping an…
Jane E. Schneider

I’m fairly certain that of all Christians out there, evangelicals are LEAST likely to follow the actual teachings of Jesus. They have shoved everything Jesus said aside to focus solely on abortion and gays. And Jesus isn’t on record as saying anything about either one.

So all a candidate has to do is agree with them on abortion and gays, and they’re golden. Even if they’re not really a Christian. Even if they make fun of disabled people. Even if they believe they can grab any pussy they want to. Even if they want to have sex with their daughter. Even if they cheat on their wives. Even if they cheat their vendors and contractors, and don’t operate their businesses honestly. Even if they put the pursuit of money ahead of everything else. Even if pretty much everything they do would get a Holy Facepalm from Jesus Himself.

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