Show me were these rights are outlined in the Constitution.
Michael Parker

I’m not talking about a constitutional right. I’m talking about a human right. If you have the ability to keep someone alive, is it morally right to withhold that and let that person die? You believe that turning your back and allowing that person to die is morally right. I believe that providing the basics for survival to every member of society is morally right.

You want people to die if they can’t manage to earn enough money to live. And this includes most people, as most people don’t earn enough to afford $15,000 to $20,000 a year to take care of their healthcare needs. Even though they are working their asses off. Unless they have an employer who pays for that, and there aren’t enough of those jobs around.

This means that anyone who can’t pony up that kind of money who gets cancer and can’t afford chemo and other treatments out of pocket is doomed to die prematurely. And you believe that’s exactly what they should do. That’s what makes you an awful person. And if this is what your mother taught you, then she’s an awful person, too.

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