I’d like to know how much Killary is paying these women to trash Trump.
Julie Caudell

In order for the Clinton team to “pay women to trash Trump”, they’d first have to find them.

Now, let’s pretend for a moment that Donald Trump is a prince of a guy who has nothing but the utmost respect for women, as you are implying. His taped conversation with Billy Bush was a frame-up job and he’s never, ever, ever so much as touched a woman improperly in his life.

Let’s further pretend that the Clinton campaign wants to orchestrate a wide-scale smear of Trump by finding a bunch of women and paying them to trash Trump.

Where would they find these women? They’d have to look for women who had some kind of connection with Trump — such as Trump employees, Trump beauty contest participants, Trump reality show contestants, women who have been to Trump parties, etc. Now, remember when I said we were pretending that Trump had a great deal of respect for women? Chances are, any woman the Clinton campaign found with a connection to Trump would be very loyal to Trump.

Do you honestly believe that the Clinton campaign could find 10 to 14 women willing to sell out this prince of a guy for money BEFORE they came across a woman loyal enough to blow the whistle on them? Seriously?

And that’s not even getting into the matter of a number of these women having gone public with their accusations before Trump ran for President (I suppose you think the Clinton campaign was in on that, too?).

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