The whole system.
Anya Kaz

In the first place, the ACA isn’t designed to cover dental work or dental plans. Sorry you’re disappointed that the President isn’t paying for your dental work.

In the second place, I’m assuming that you had perfect health insurance that cost you practically nothing but covered all your healthcare needs before Obamacare? Tell us about that, and how you lost it.

You ask, “who else is there to blame?” Well, for starters, the Republican obstructionists. If they had worked with the Democrats like Obama wanted, we would have had a much better plan. But no — they were so dead set against Obama getting any notches in his win column that they fought tooth and nail to defeat it. Even though the Democrats put in over a hundred of their amendments, watering it down (and the Republicans STILL refused to vote for it, even after their wishes were granted). Even though the Public Option (which truly would have made it affordable) had to be scrapped. Even though the profits of the health insurance companies were protected (probably the biggest factor in the unaffordability of health insurance).

So yeah — there’s plenty of people to blame for a system that isn’t ideal. But President Obama isn’t one of them.

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