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In the first place, transgender people are people. Not “social experiments”. That’s a fun term you and your ilk like to throw around as some sort of justification to discriminate against various groups of people. Racial integration of the armed forces was a “social experiment”. Allowing women to serve with men was a “social experiment”. Allowing gays to serve — first closeted, then openly — was a “social experiment”. Nobody is a social experiment. We’re talking about people.

In the second place, you make a claim that people are “still uneasy” about sharing bathrooms with transgender people, as if it has been always thus. It hasn’t. Transgender people have been using the restroom matching their gender identity for as long as there have been transgender people, and it only because a huge freaking deal in the last couple of years — driven by the far right, due to their being pissed about same sex marriage now being allowed all over the country. And Republicans are currently using this as a wedge issue now, because they no longer have any traction with homophobia.

Your “norm” that you claim never existed.

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