since you know that with Hillary’s policies the AMerican birth rate will decline even more, i.e
Sientje Seinen

In the first place, you’re wildly off-topic. This article has to do with the Al Smith dinner.

But I’ll indulge you, and address your points individually.

“with Hillary’s policies the AMerican birth rate will decline even more”

Don’t be so sure about that. The American birth rate declined drastically during the Great Recession at the end of Bush’s last term, as it does during any economic downturn. And like the economy, it has been growing since. Hillary hasn’t proposed any drastic changes to anything that would directly affect that.

“i.e abortions”

Abortions have been on the decline since 1990, as birth control has become more obtainable for women.

“sacrificing infants to her god”

Is there some sort of pagan ritual that Hillary performs that we don’t know about? Her “god” is the Christian God that I’m pretty sure is also your God, as she is a lifelong Methodist. Don’t know of any ritual sacrifice going on there. Perhaps you have a link to a credible source showing her making an altar sacrifice?

“same sex unions which seems to have increased”

Yes, they have. Legalizing same sex marriage will do that.

“they cant reproduce so no increasing the birth rate for America either”

In the first place, gay people can indeed reproduce through artificial insemination and surrogacy — and they do. In the second place, banning same sex marriage doesn’t cause gay people to marry people of the opposite sex and start popping out babies. Whether gays can marry or not has no effect on the birth rate.

“since she is bringing in over a hundred thousand muslims of the Islamic religion”

The highest number of Syrian refugees (of ALL religions) that has been mentioned by Hillary Clinton is 65,000, as all who are allowed here must go through the stringent vetting process we have in place.

“which does not tolerate homosexuality or abortions”

You don’t either, but we allow you to stay here.

“cant see who America is going to compete with Islam”

We do not have a religious test for immigrants, refugees, citizens, or anyone else in this country. Many of us feel we have been “competing” with evangelicals such as yourself for generations now. But despite your desire to impose your religious beliefs on all of us through civil law, you haven’t succeeded. Nor will you. Nor will Muslims or anyone else.

“as Isis has vowed to make Islam the world religion, convert or die.”

Extremist fringe groups often make vows and have lofty objectives. But if you haven’t managed to turn this country into a theocracy, how do you expect ISIS to do that? I am far more afraid of evangelical zealots like you than I am of jihadists, as you are a great deal more dangerous.

“goodbye America as we know it”

America “as we know it” is constantly changing. Yet our Constitution stays consistent, and so do our basic values. And one of those values is equality and freedom for all.

“say hello to being a second class citizen in your own country”

Only in Trump’s America would I ever be a “second class citizen” — simply because I’m a woman. You would be, too. No Muslim (and I know far more Muslims than I bet you do) has ever suggested that I am a “second class citizen”.

I asked you a question a while back, and you never answered. How are you going to explain and justify your extreme hateful bigotry to God when you meet Him? I’m curious to know.

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