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It doesn’t matter to Trump whether he’s telling the truth or not. It’s all just a show to him, and all that’s important to him is the adoring roar of the crowd. But getting his info from casually watching part of an interview on Fox News? That sounds VERY Trump-like.

But about the Swedish crime rate? One of the things that wingnut sites just loooove to point out is that rape in Sweden is much higher than that of the United States. And the percentage of Swedish residents who are immigrants (and especially refugees) is much higher than that of the United States. Therefore, in true correlation-equals-causation manner, refugees (or any recent immigrants) commit a lot of rape.

Except that the reason for the high rape rate in Sweden is that they define rape differently than we do. In Sweden, all sexual assault is considered “rape” (yes, in Sweden, Trump would be considered a rapist, as “pussy-grabbing” would be rape). Not so here in the US.

Also worth pointing out — even though their refugee level is higher, their murder rate is still waaaaaaaayyyy below that of the United States. As is the murder rate of all developed countries.

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