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It would be one thing if we’re talking about denying a protest group with the objective of disrupting the inauguration ceremony a prominent spot at the front of the Capitol during the actual ceremony.

But we’re not talking about that. We’re talking about groups getting permits for locales not at the ceremony, and for different days than January 20.

To be fair, the Inauguration Committee should have first choice of venues and dates for bona fide Inauguration activities, but any locations on any dates where they cannot produce plans for actual activities should be released to be available for anyone else applying for a permit. And this release should occur in plenty of time to allow for planning for something like a Women’s March on Washington.

If Trump’s Inaugural Committee hangs onto everything in all locations from January 6 through January 30 as a “dog in the manger” tactic, they are effectively denying citizens their constitutional rights.

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