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It would be wonderful if all parents and society in general would accept people as they are without trying to change their sexual orientation or their gender identity. If that was the case, this bill wouldn’t be up for discussion at all.

And there are gay and transgender minors whose families do accept them as they are. Which is a good thing.

Unfortunately, the reality is that there are many LGBTQ minors living with parents who would react very negatively to finding out that their child is gay or transgender, and their reaction could be anything from general hostility, punishment (grounding a child for being gay?), forcing their child into reparative “therapy” or even disowning their child and forcing him to live on the street. It’s these kids that would be most hurt by this bill, as this removes school as a “safe” place for them.

Of course, the objective here is to force these children as far back into the closet as possible, keeping them silent, and making them pretend to be something they’re not. All in the hope that the child will see the error of his ways and decide to be straight and cisgender.

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