Thanks for confirming the “MSM whining” assertion, Victoria.

“It’s a good thing you have Medium for venting.”

And it’s a good thing you have Medium for trolling.

Are you one of those who believes that Trump should not be questioned — ever, ever, ever? And he should never be investigated, nor should any member of his staff or his campaign team — regardless of any circumstances?

Tell me — would you be okey dokey fine if it were Hillary Clinton firing and FBI Director and then saying she did it because of an investigation against her campaign? Would you be OK with Hillary Clinton asking the FBI Director to drop an FBI investigation? Would you be OK with Hillary Clinton passing intelligence received from a partner country to another country that violated an agreement with the partner country? Would you be OK if most of our intelligence agencies claimed that another country meddled in our election to help Hillary win, but nobody saw any need whatsoever to find out if Hillary or any member of her team colluded with this country, or knew about their activities and failed to report them?

Would you look at the allegations piling up daily against Hillary and declare all of them to be “vapor-filled headlines”?

Hillary Clinton is perhaps the most investigated, probed, and vetted person on the planet. She has been very well scrutinized for about a quarter of a century now. And none of these investigations or probes have turned up any wrongdoing on her part. Please convince me that you have opposed all efforts to investigate her with the same fervor that you are insisting that there’s nothing but “vapor-filled headlines” when it comes to Trump.

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