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It’s true that the President of the United States has the right to pass on classified information if he wants, the right to declassify information, the right to break agreements with partner nations, and the right to give pretty much anyone he wants to the middle finger.

However, throwing around highly classified information obtained from a partner nation with an agreement not to share it isn’t generally a smart idea. If nothing else, we run the risk of partner nations not sharing their intel with us, putting us in a position of ignorance that leaves us more vulnerable to terrorist attacks — even one on a scale of 9/11.

And this puts every American in danger. There’s often a good reason that classified information is classified. It’s not always about political dirty tricks.

Trump still is under the illusion that the American public loves him no matter what he does. And about 38% — 40% do. But the rest of America needs to step up and say that we’re sick of this sh*t and he needs to go.

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