So far all we have is MSM whining.

Let’s see —

On the collusion with Russia thing we already have our intelligence agencies saying that Russia deliberately meddled in our election to help Trump win. It’s reasonable to investigate to find out whether Trump colluded with the Russians, or even knew about their activities but failed to report them.

On the firing of Comey due to the FBI investigation of possible collusion with Russia, we have Trump on video admitting that was a factor in the firing. That’s obstruction of justice.

On the passing of highly classified information obtained from a partner nation to another nation, we have Trump claiming that not only did he do that, he has a right to. Even if it means breaking an agreement with that partner nation not to share it.

On the request of Comey to stop the FBI investigation of Flynn, Comey claims to have a memo with the details of that meeting, as he made memos of the details of all his meetings with the President. Chaffetz has promised to subpoena that memo, but so far we haven’t seen it yet. But since Comey said he has it, it should be checked out.

So it’s a bit more than “MSM whining”.

Oh, and that “money from the Chinese thing”? That was investigated. You know — investigation as in that one thing that apparently all Republicans are highly allergic to, but OK to do to a Democrat. And all the improper donations from Chinese donors were returned, once it was determined where they came from. Nice try, though. Do you have any evidence of China meddling in our election by hacking into Bob Dole’s emails and releasing them? Do you have evidence of Bill Clinton firing an FBI Director to shut down an investigation of him? How about evidence of Bill Clinton passing on high level intelligence to the Chinese? Got that? No?

OK — you do have Bill Clinton lying about getting blow jobs. And he was impeached for that. Apparently lying under oath about getting blow jobs is worthy of impeachment, but attempting to shut down investigations, colluding with another country to influence an election, and passing classified information against the wishes of the party who provided it — those are all just okey dokey fine and the President shouldn’t be impeached for those things. If he’s a Republican, that is. If it was Hillary accused of those things, you’d be screaming for her head.

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