McCrory is a loser.
Keith Gargus

McCrory had a four year opportunity. And in that four years, he and the Republican-controlled legislature has managed to toss our state into the toilet.

North Carolina is one of the states not taking advantage of the Medicaid Expansion, so we have a lot of the working poor who still cannot afford health care.

North Carolina is the only state that has cut back on unemployment benefits so drastically that we no longer qualify for federal funds for emergency extension.

We still have a serious coal ash problem that our Governor doesn’t want to do anything about, nor is he requiring Duke Energy to do anything about it.

The Republicans drew flagrantly gerrymandered districts and instituted voter ID laws that were designed to disenfranchise as many people as possible who were perceived likely to vote Democratic. And our state has paid millions of dollars and lots of our resources defending these things in court.

And, of course, HB2 is causing our state to lose lucrative business relocations to our state, sporting gigs, concerts, and other business coming into our state.

Our once beautiful state that we loved to take pride in is now a shambles and a laughing stock to the rest of the country. McCrory hasn’t earned a second term, and in order to save our state, we must kick him out.

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